Welcome to the Three United Trades of Dundee

Welcome to the website of the Three United Trades of Dundee.

The Three United Trades represents the “building trades” of Dundee, and are an ancient body whose very existence is symbolised by the many historic buildings in Ancient and Modern Dundee.

Without the building trades, these buildings, and their associated histories, and the history of the City would not exist.
Consisting of the mason, wrights (joiners), and slaters, this group of businesses tended to be somewhat itinerant in nature, as they followed the work available to set up sites both in and beyond the City walls.

As a result, whilst each of the three skills operated within their own sectors, and followed the rules set down by their own skills’ predecessors, it was later than most business craftsman, that they all joined together to form what became known as The Three United Trades in 1741.

They had acted in concert on many building sites long before, and in concert amongst their own trades before too, but the benefits of formally joining together came later in history mainly due to having to ply their trades often outwith city boundaries to earn a living.

The Three United Trades lives on today, albeit in a merely ceremonial but respectful capacity, albeit the three skillsets remaining “closed” trades, in that, unlike several other Dundee Trades, they still do not permit non skilled or non related skill persons to join their ranks.

The Building trade is also one which is first to be hit by economic downturn in the modern world, and many of the great building names and businesses of history have disappeared over the years as a result.

The remaining members, however, believe passionately about keeping the traditions and heritage of this great body alive for generations to come.

Mason Wright Slator