The Three United Trades

The Three United Trades of Dundee consists of a collective group bringing together the three construction related Trades - the Masons, the Wrights and the Slaters.

Ownership of Property

The purchase of property was first undertaken in 1753 when a tenement and yard was purchased by the Three United Trades. This was subsequently sold at a significant profit some 7 years later. However, further forays into the property market were discussed but never actioned. There was felt to be sufficient obligations of upkeep and the burden of time involved, that ownership was left to the individual trades, such as the Wrights and their Wrights Hall.

Individual Trades have owned property, with both the Wrights and Masons doing so.
 The Wrights have tended to maintain this, and benefited from the growth in property values over the 20th Century before disposing of the same. The Masons disposed of their property interests earlier in the second half of the 20th Century and invested the same. It is interesting to note that the Wrights’s relative wealth far outperformed the investment performance of the masons’
chosen investment.

Meeting Places

The Three Trades tended to meet in Inns, vestries of churches, and in the churches themselves. Once property was purchased in the early Nineteenth Century, by the Wrights, this property became used more regularly.
Recent meetings have taken place at the Clerk’s offices, and even more recently, have moved to the Royal Tay Yacht Club, in Broughty Ferry, permitting a meal to be held after meetings.