Dundee's other Trades & Orgs

The Guildry

Merchants made nothing themselves but bought and sold goods wholesale, and carried on retail business in their booths in the market place or some from their own homes.

Craftsmen could become members of the Guildry if they first gave up their craft/trade. If they owned a business, they had to employ a servant to run the business for them.

Merchants ranked highest in the social scale in the Burgh. They were normally Burgesses and Freemen of the Burgh.

The leader of the Guildry was called the Dean of Guild.

The Guildry was long associated with the Town Council as its members were the freemen of the city who were the burgesses who could vote and provide taxes for the town. These people were the pool from which elected councillors came from.

The Dean of Guild was also a member of the council ex-officio until 1975.