Dundee's other Trades & Orgs

History of Dundee Trades & Similar Organisations

The history of Dundee shows that various groups form part of the overall historical tapestry of the
Royal Burgh.

The Three United Trades of Dundee form part of that rich tapestry.

These groups are shown below:-
MERCHANT GUILDS- Known as The Guildry of Dundee.


  • The Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee
  • The Three United Trades of Dundee
  • The Maltmen Incorporation of Dundee
  • The Fraternity of Masters and Seaman

Dundee as a port and market town was an important city in Scotland’s history, and as such provided the perfect backdrop to enable its own Seamen and Mariners, Merchants, Trades and Crafts to develop along established Medieval lines.

However, with Dundee being a port, the rich classes tended to be found within the Mariners and merchants, and these in turn tended to populate the Town Council, and lots of boards which operated in the City- i.e. the Port, the Hospital, The Asylum etc.