The Three United Trades

The Three United Trades of Dundee consists of a collective group bringing together the three construction related Trades - the Masons, the Wrights and the Slaters.

Supporting Charitable Purposes

Whereas the separate Trades always gave generously to local causes, the existence of a joint body  made a good target to fundraisers.

In 1813, a contribution was made to improving Magdelan Yard. In 1848 a contribution was made to building a new swimming baths.

Also in 1813, In addition to individual trade contributions, the United Trades made an additional donation to the new lunatic asylum, and as a result, gained the reward and responsibility of appointing a member to sit on the Board of Directors. Frequent contributions continued right up to the building of the New Asylum at Liff in 1886.

Several good causes such as the widows of the Crimea war, and victims of the Taybridge disaster benefited from their generosity.

The plans for the development in the 1830’s saw one of their members being appointed to sit as one of the Harbour Commissioners of the Harbour Trust.

In 1858 a member of the Three United Trades took a place as a Governor on the board of what was eventually to become Morgan Academy.

In 1863, the Three United Trades Convenor was appointed to be on the list of Trustees for the Baxter Park, which had been presented to the town by the Jute enriched Baxter family.